What is this?

The iRacing Survey (iRS) is a collection of visualizations using data from iRacing official race sessions.

It provides insights into trends and helps members find populated (or niche) series, which cars and tracks to focus on, etc.

If you have feedback (bug reports, suggestions, etc.), I've set up a GitHub based issue tracker.

Technical Details

The backend is written in Go and runs in 3 stages once per hour (~10 minutes before the hour):

  1. Data is collected using iRacing's Data API. The data is stored in DuckDB.
  2. Malloy is used to generate all the SQL which is then executed in DuckDB and the results get written out to json files
  3. Each page is generated from custom templates and the data from stage 2. Some of the charts use Chart.js and some were built from scratch.

Only official races are counted. Currently only aggregated session data is used. Future work may include detailed session results for finer grained stats such as actual lap times and incident counts.

Who built this?

The iRacing Survey was created by me and my alter ego, a mediocre driver named Jason Chess.

Support the iRacing Survey

Running these pages is not super expensive however it's not free and it takes a non-trivial amount of time to develop. So if you find the Survey useful and you've got some spare change...

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Major versions

  • 2022.08.10 - Project started
  • 2022.08.31 - Public launch
  • 2022.09.08 - Trends
  • 2023.11.29 - Per Series stats
  • 2023.12.03 - Series filtering
  • 2024.03.11 - Road -> Sports + Formula split


These amazing communities gave Jason a home and taught us how to deal with the anguish of crashing in the last few minutes of a multi hour team race.